Tie-Dye: The Hero Trend in Your Closet

We’re not gonna lie: We didn’t expect to still be loving the tie-dye fashion trend this much–and for this long. It had been a while since tie-dye clothing was considered cool or chic but last year, the once-dead fashion trend made a surprising comeback.


If you’re drawn to the laid-back aesthetic of the trend, fear not. This fashion sleeper hit still looks fresh and modern while retaining the boho, ’90s vibe that made it so beloved in the first place. For all of these reasons, we’re counting tie-dye clothing among our must-haves for the season. Scoop it up for spring, live in it through summer.

If you haven’t already embraced the tie-dye clothing trend, or you’re just looking to add to your collection, there’s no time like the present. Get in surfer-girl state of mind and shop more tie-dye picks ahead.


1. Cute as Color Pop Tops


Planning the trip of your dreams soon? Grab some subtle yet colourful tie-dye tops, for chill vibes and Instagram ready pictures. It’s easy, just put on a chic tie-dye inspired top and pair it with your beach shorts. Wear your sunglasses and get ready to catch some rays.

2. Dress as Pretty as a Picture


How about some breezy colourful dresses to spruce up your weekends? Get your hands on some super cool tie-dye dresses. Soothing colour palettes combined with dramatic features like frills, slits, and smocked detailing to give yourself a chic and feminine look. Style the tie-dye inspired dresses with a hat, stilettos and some cool accessories for a nice finishing touch.

3. Co-ordinate with Chic Coordinates


Coordinates are a trend everlasting! And when they come in beautiful colour patterns, it’s a desirable addition. Style these darling coordinates with enchanting round hoop earrings, strappy sandals and showy sunglasses. We bet you’ll love them!

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